Thursday, September 12, 2013

Welcome from Susan

This is the first (I hope of many) blog posts here on my new personal blog page. My name is Susan Jones and I go by "Ask Susan". I am a property buyer by trade based in Cheshire but I can purchase houses all over the county.  This means I either buy property via my website or help people to sell their homes as quickly as possible through my network of group buyers.

I've been in this type of business for some 10 years or so now and have built up quite a large network of buyers and investors who are looking to purchase property. I use this network and my own cash funds to buy from those who need a really fast house sale.

We help all types of people, from those who just need a simple and fast sale - say within 7 days or so, and those who have financial problems, mortgage arrears and are in the process of being repossessed by their bank or mortgage lender! If you can sell your house quick enough to pay off your arrears then you can avoid repossession all together - and keep your credit file in good order too.

We have access to genuine cash funds

OK, so thats a bit about me and what I do in business....

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